How Do Start-Ups Succeed? by Esther Dyson

An interesting article on applied entrepreneurship by Esther Dyson.

What do entrepreneurs really need to succeed?

Esther Dyson is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs focusing on emerging digital technologies. As Chairwoman of EDventure Holdings, she has been at the forefront of analysis of these technologies’ impact on business, privacy, security, creativity, and politics. She has served as a board member or early investor in numerous startups, including Cygnus Solutions, Flickr,, ZEDO, Medstory, and Medspace, and currently focuses on startups related to medical technology, aviation, and space travel.

Dr. Aleksander Kucel

Publicat per Dr. Aleksander Kucel

Alek is PhD in political and social sciences by Universitat Pompeu Fabra and holds a position of professor of applied economics at Maresme University College. His major research interests focus on intergenerational mobility and social inequality. Specifically he is an expert on education-job mismatches and has published mainly on this topic. Alek currently leads the CEO Research Group.

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