Investing in entrepreneurial education worthwhile.

Research on entrepreneurship education demonstrates that it has a rather negative impact on the willingness to enterprise. Authors demonstrate that, despite largely positive effects on training entrepreneurial skills, the entrepreneurship education discourages graduates from embarking on start-ups creation. Importantly, however, the results are not necessarily universally true. It holds that for the technical fields the entrepreneurship education raises both, the level of entrepreneurial skills and the willingness to start a new business. The contrary effect is rather true for what is commonly called “the soft fields” such as humanities or education. Given these observations one should ask if the entrepreneurial skills which get trained through the entrepreneurial education serve graduates in their future careers. Our recent research demonstrates that indeed entrepreneurial study programs at the tertiary education help individuals in avoiding labor mismatches in a significant way. More than 15% decrease in the probability of being mismatched in the first job is good enough a reason to invest in graduates’ entrepreneurial skills’ acquisition. This is especially true, when considered the socio-economic opportunity costs of labor mismatches embodied in permanently decreased wages, lower social mobility and higher job discontent of mismatched workers. It is worth investing in entrepreneurship education because as research shows it helps ALL THE WORKERS regardless if they decide to enterprise or not.

Dr. Aleksander Kucel

Publicat per Dr. Aleksander Kucel

Alek is PhD in political and social sciences by Universitat Pompeu Fabra and holds a position of professor of applied economics at Maresme University College. His major research interests focus on intergenerational mobility and social inequality. Specifically he is an expert on education-job mismatches and has published mainly on this topic. Alek currently leads the CEO Research Group.

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