New Year, new research challenges!

After defining the basic “entrepreneurial skills” set we are now onto researching their labor market returns. We are checking whether graduates from entrepreneurial programs find jobs faster, find better matching jobs, are better paid in these jobs and if their matching can be improved over time thanks to their entrepreneurial skills.
Apart, we are also studying gender differences for returns to entrepreneurial skills. Finally, we are going to look whether social and political trust foster entrepreneurship and which kind of trust proves more important across different socio-political setups.

Dr. Aleksander Kucel

Publicat per Dr. Aleksander Kucel

Alek is PhD in political and social sciences by Universitat Pompeu Fabra and holds a position of professor of applied economics at Maresme University College. His major research interests focus on intergenerational mobility and social inequality. Specifically he is an expert on education-job mismatches and has published mainly on this topic. Alek currently leads the CEO Research Group.

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