Our latest works include:

  1. Kucel A., & M. Vilalta-Bufí (2011) “Why do graduates regret their field of study?” under review in Higher Education.
  2. Kucel A., & M.Vilalta-Bufí (Spain) y A. Kucel, P. Robert, & M. Vilalta-Bufí (2011) “Effectively Maintained Inequality” under consultations with major editorial houses.
  3. Kucel A., P. Robert, & M. Vilalta-Bufí (2011) “Labor mismatch in Central and Eastern Europe” revise & resubmit in European Societies.
  4. Kucel A., & M. Vilalta-Bufí (2011) “Graduate labor mismatch in Poland” accepted in Polish Sociological Review.
  5. Kucel A., & M. Vilalta-Bufí (2011) “Job satisfaction of mismatched workers in Spain” under review in Revista de Economía Aplicada.

Work in progress:

  1. Kucel A., & P. Robert (2012) “Social returns to educational investments: How do (political) trust and social inclusion interact?”
  2. Kucel A., P. Robert & M. Vilalta-Bufí (2012) “Job-related training of university graduates”
  3. Kucel A., & M. Vilalta-Bufí (2012) “Returns to foreign language and computer skills”.
  4. M. Buil (2012) “Literature review on entrepreneurial skills”

We have also applied for several competitive national research grants and we are currently working with our international partners on a development of an international network of excellence in research on skills formation and usage.