The aim of this paper is to provide information for tourist destinationsthrough an analysis of the valuation of the location and the seasonalityimplicit in the price of accommodation. The study data are fromEuropean municipalities on the Mediterranean coast. Using quantileregression (that is, taking into account that demand valuation canvary along the hotel price distribution), the author finds that theeffect of seasonality, although very important, is mainly constantalong the price distribution, with the exception of the greaterseasonality effect in Argelès-sur-Mer at higher percentiles. Withregard to the valuation of location, the fact of the hotel or theapartment being in a French location is valued more highly at higherpercentiles.

Dr. Josep Maria Raya

Publicat per Dr. Josep Maria Raya

Dr.Josep Maria Raya es profesor titular de la Escola Universitaria del Maresme (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). Su investigación se centra en economía de la vivienda y economía del turismo.

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