Damn it, I’m a Touristologist!!!

On Sundays I like to meet with a crowd of programmers and pretend to be one of them. I copy their lingo, I do my best using their tools, I try to understand, use and make their framework mine.

Sometimes, we meet in public libraries. Absolutely my fault! I love books, I love public spaces….

So, Here I was one Sunday with a different mindset (Cloud computing/Portals/ WebScraping /Tablets-smartphones/ NoSql…..) waiting for the wake up of my virtual environment. When my eyes glance at a book with an attention-grabbing title “The constant art of being a writer” I was browsing through its pages when out of the blue… the author talks about the importance of a strong will and the need to recharge your energy if you want to be a writer.

She said that idea in this way… “….So you feel like giving up” THEN… “Revive your creative energy with an exotic residency in a place you’ve always been interested in like Spain”

My mind becomes a blackboard… a segment with specific needs (amateur writers willing to travel in order to get an extra boost of creativity). This is number one!

Go to Spain? Find a place where it will be easy to isolate, to concentrate into your work and to get spiritual energy? Where you can learn to eat and cook the best food and beverages for intellectuals warriors? Where you can get the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other literature lovers? This is number 2!

We need to use or build a chain of value, to get the trust of the tourist and add value, to provide support for the tourist from the beginning to the end of the trip. This is number 3!

Meeting places for the segment? What about Universities giving seminars about how to become a writer? Can you give examples for specific countries?

Outgoing travel agencies? I think literary traveler can be an interesting option. Also vocation vacation where people will try their vocation through a vacation! Can you give examples for specific countries?

Reading this sentence and beginning to create the 1,2,3, theory is something automatic to me! Damn it, I’m a Touristologist!!!!

Literary travel is one of the great opportunities for travel motivation. Who doesn’t like after reading a good book to have the opportunity to see the scenarios, to talk with people from this culture, to have the opportunity to talk with the author, to go to a university, to an educational center…Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to attend university courses, to expand your mind… some of them for free. Does MOOC ring a bell? or Khan academy OR Gidsy where experts sell their expertise as we explained here.

But Jordi!!! You are an old chap! I know that you pretend to be forever young learning new tricks, BUT… books? This is old media! OK Touristolgists don’t talk about books (even though I think that some of you STILL read books with e-readers and tablets) what about movies, television series?

You know Touristologists, there are things that never change, the desire to learn, to feel emotions, to live others’ lives… and you can get this through a book, a movie, or a storyteller! After that, there is another thing that never changes and never will… The desire to go to these places! Here is where we, as a Touristologists, appear! Remember our definition of Touristology! “Touristology is the art and science of travel motivation promising improvements in quality of life, international contacts and broader perspectives for the tourist AND a way to take care of culture and create richness and employment for the tourist destination.”…

Jordi! Is the code ready? We are waiting!

Yes, yes sure…

You know sometimes you seem to be lost in another world.

Yes, Touristology’s world, my friends!

Damn it! Even on Sundays, even with another mindset …I read a book and …. Automatically I began to imagine segment needs, service suppliers and a chain of value (1,2,3, theory!) Damn it, I’m a Touristologist and….


Jordi Oller

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Jordi Oller i Nogués PhD in Economics. Touristologist (“Turistòleg” in my mother tongue). Lecturer, Consultant and Entrepreneur specialized in business models and technological architecture for services (Tourism, Healthcare and Training sector). Areas of expertise covers: Creation, Communication and Commercialization of Tourism Services; Service Management; Yield / Revenue Management and Social Media Marketing.

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