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Touristology is a paradigm shift!

I like to be up-to-date with complex systems. I use related methodology while doing my PhD and I found (still find, indeed) great applications for it in our beloved sector. What do you think? “Complex Systems … investigates how relationships between parts give rise to the collective behaviors of a system and how the system interacts and forms relationships with its environment.” Different parts (Inhabitants, Public sector, Lodging, Intermediaries and infomediaries, transport companies, companies not related to the trip but to the motivation of the travel…)?… giving rise to a collective behavior?  It sounds very Touristologistly, to me!
Recently, I read a book about the evolution of complex systems. The author describes it as a paradigm shift because it changes the basic assumptions of a field. Well, in this case, my fellow Touristologist…. Touristology is, clearly, a paradigm shift!
Let’s review three examples, shall we? The first related to Tourism destinations, the second related to the lodging industry and its flavor of the month: Revenue Management. Finally, last but, definitely, not least related to intermediaries, basically, travel agencies.
– On-line travel agencies (OTA) or normal travel agencies, Jordi? Do you still divide enterprises by if they are integrated to internet or not? I don’t know about you but… I don’t go to Internet anymore…. I live there!!!
Touristology is a paradigm shift for tourism destinations, among other things because claims/proves that granted specialized and mass/generic tourism usually must coexist, in all the cases, always better: First specialized then Generic. It also claims/proves that bottom up strategies are fairest and far more effective than top down ones.
Touristology is a paradigm shift for hotels and any lodging facility. Because If we, seriously, want to increase Revenues and Profits (at the end of the day, this is what Revenue Management is all about, remember?) we have to focus on providing a good service NOT ONLY when the customer is inside the building but from the beginning to the end of the trip! We have to detect segments, customize our services and use or build different chains of value (with different collaborators, intermediaries /infomediaries… Does 1,2,3 theory ring a bell for you?
Of course, we can use Social Networking Sites! But what about creating our own virtual community, not only related to the travel but also to the motivation of the tourist?
Touristology is a paradigm shift for intermediaries, as well, which will try to manage its chain of value instead of selling packages create, communicate and commercialize for others. Intermediaries, which will aim to stop battling for a commission and will began to create, communicate and commercialize their own packages knowing that this is the way to go in order to be (and remain) competitive.
Intermediaries, which will provide services for a segment, using customize suppliers and managing the trip both in the country of origin and in the tourist destination. 1,2,3 theory, remember???
Who has to discover, implement, study… this paradigm shift? The same actors in the tourism sector focus on mass and local tourism? The ones who proudly are waiting for others to bring tourist to them?
I doubt it! I share my life with the best Psychopedagogist in town and her mind and her bibliography (Howard Gardner “Leading Minds”) say something similar to: For what we know about human cognitive development, it’s improbable that a professional in a “way of doing” see and  lead a different approach.  So, who will do that? YOU TOURISTOLOGISTS!!! If not you.. Who? If not now.. When?