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Tearing Touristology’s wall down!

After finishing the first term, I have some extra time to focus on my second love. Obviously, I am talking about Web-Engineering, Touristologists!!! I have the opportunity to provide advice to a big consultancy firm about the best approach to deal with a multiple-device world.
It is an interesting project and I work with my favorite A-team BUT the project is NOT related to Tourism!!!
But, Jordi. At the end of the day, an enterprise is an enterprise, isn’t it?
– Ask the usual one that appears in my Touristology’s classes because a hole connects “Veterinary University” and “Touristology” ones.
Of course not, Vet, I mean Touristologist!
How is possible that people with no education, experience in Tourism…dare to give their opinion. Do they also opine about quantum mechanics?
Calm down, Jordi – I hear Touristology’s voice talking to me – Don’t you seduce people from around the world to go to a specific hotel/lodging or tourism destination? Why don’t you use your skills to seduce the brightest minds to the best sector ever?  Ummm… maybe I growled, but first, let me finish…
So, what kinds of alternatives, do we have in order to deal with a multiple-screen world?
1) Responsive Web Design (RWD). I mean a web site that adapts to different devices and browsers.
2) A mobile web application. A web site focused on mobile devices.
3) A native application. An application aimed to make the most of a direct connection with the operative system (IOS, Android, you-name-it….) of a mobile device.
-What is the best approach, Jordi?
As I, usually, say to my Touristologists, an intelligent answer begins with …. “It depends”.
For me, it is difficult to find black or white situations in life. I did my doctoral thesis about Fuzzy Logic and I learnt that even in a digital world things are not 0 or 1. Modern computer science seems to agree!  If you are interested “A shortcut through time by George Johnson” can be very enlightening about Quantum Computing ideas…
So, “it depends” it is a good beginning but, it would be a know-it-all answer if you don’t add…
It depends ON…
In general, it will depend on the kind of device your customers use WHEN they deal with your company. (NO, it doesn’t have to be the same as they usually use! For instance, my Touristologists are chatting like crazies with their mobiles all day long BUT, usually, they prefer their laptop to do a videoconference).
You have to define the kind of operations and processes that you want to offer to the Tourists then, based on the kind of device they are mostly using, you have to make up your mind.
For instance, let’s consider that we want to deal with the creation of a dynamic package. So, it will be the servuction (process) of the creation of a product, one of the famous 4P’s in marketing operation.
As you know, apart from the 4P’s E. Jerome McCarthy coined in the 60’s (It’s so funny, to see how people try to create new Ps. The P of people the P of process, the P of Post-sale…), in Tourism we have to add two ambits: Space and Time, where the 4P’s have to be applied.
There is a powerful reason to add these two ambits to the 4P’s, Touristologists!!! What is the biggest difference between the tourism sector and others? We don’t send something abroad… We seduce tourists from around the world to come a specific place. So, if we want to provide backup for them from the beginning to the end of the trip, we have to adapt the 4 P to…
1) Space: Actions of the 4 P’s in the country of origin and in the tourism destination.

2) Time: Actions of the 4P’s before, during and after the trip
Do you believe that Tourists will create and modify their Dynamic Package, basically using smartphones?
Then, better to use Jquery Mobile. It is (almost) perfect for mobiles and, furthermore… it works well with Apache Cordova / PhoneGap allowing you to create a hybrid app and enjoying most of the benefits of native apps.
Do you believe that Tourists will create and modify their Dynamic Package using, indiscriminately, desktop devices, tablets and smartphones?
Then, it is better to use Bootstrap which is good for any devices. Yes, I know that it can be too heavy for a hybrid app (Apache Cordova / PhoneGap), but we have to make a decision, right?
BUT, Jordi, then a Tourism enterprise, their operations and processes (including Marketing and the 4P’s) are different from other sectors!
Finally, you got it Vet, Sorry Touristologist!!! Ummm, maybe it is a good idea not to cover up the hole, BUT instead do, exactly, the opposite!!!!
– This is what I was telling you before – Begin to claim Touristology’s voice…
Tear Touristology’s wall down!!! Let’s welcome and embrace Consilience’s era that Edwars O. Wilson foresees.
Nobody better that Mr. Wilson himself to talk about Consilience and passion for science… I hope you enjoy it!!!

YouTube Preview Image

There are plenty of opportunities for real Touristologists and we need the best minds! So, feel free to join us. As long you agree that… 1) Touristology is a science and 2)  YOU are the best minds working in the best sector ever… You are welcome aboard… Let’s enjoy the race!

Forget about the Chain of value…. I was wrong!

Just joking Touristologists! I still strongly believe that the control of the chain of value is the key in order to create and manage a successful business (in Tourism OR in any other sector!!!).

The other day, we talked about how the possibility to control (or not) the chain of value is the main criteria in order to invest or to work in exchange of stock options in a new enterprise or start-up.
Let’s see today an example. Shall We?
What do you think about the following video?
YouTube Preview Image
Do you agree that, at the end of the day, the service (check-in) will be the same BUT the servuction will change? The anchor in this video show doubts if this will mean a better experience for the customer. The answer? There is not a single answer Touristologists! It depends on the segment that we want to analyze. Even in the same segment we have to consider the “Versions of Me” idea!

Hilton also wants to offer the possibility that the customer can choose their room. Again, the service is the same BUT the servuction is different. So far, the receptionist chooses the room. Now it will be the customer. Nowadays, you can choose the seat on a flight choose your car in a rent-a- car agency… Why not choose your room in a hotel? So, it sounds interesting, BUT, definitely, it is not new! A long time ago, appeared room77 a Data Aggregator and Online travel Agency offering the same feature…
YouTube Preview Image

Do you think that those ideas are a threat for other competitors? Sure they are!
BUT…. let’s compare this improvement in the servuction process to a movement aiming to control the chain of value of an important segment for hoteliers…
Do you know travelport? Do you know that they bought Hotelzon? You don’t know Hotelzon? Let’s change that!
YouTube Preview Image
Do you know that Travelport shares the same investor group as Hilton? Do you know that Hilton and Travelport have important partnerships?
Do you see the potential to control the chain of value for corporate travel? As you can see in the previous video, hotelzon helps Business travelers to prepare their reporting, they don’t have to pay any fees, neither for booking nor for cancellation. Do you know what that means for hoteliers???
The fact that Hilton (service suppliers) Travelport (travel agencies) and Hotelzon (a Central Reservations System for Corporate travelers) work together rings a bell for you?  Control of the chain of value, maybe?
And they are not alone in these kinds of movements. Here, you can learn about a similar one, this time from Sabre acquiring Genares:
YouTube Preview Image
Do I mean that corporate travel is not a good option for hoteliers? Do I mean that Hotelzon or Genares are a bad choice from hoteliers’ point of view? Not at all! I only say that if you are unable to find new segments, new chains of value which you have options to control, then you are not a Touristologists!
Interesting times in the Tourism sector. Interesting times to be a Touristologists… Interesting times to find alternatives to generic tourism!!!
Do you still think that specialized tourism is not necessary? Maybe, playing with generic tourism you are able to increase your revenues BUT are you sure you will increase your profits?
You don’t know how to deal with specialized tourism? Don’t panic! You can always talk with any of my Touristologists! They know how to deal with BOTH generic and specialized tourism, after all…. They are the best minds working in the best sector ever!

Selling rooms is what I do, a copyologist was saying proudly …

Sometimes, I have the opportunity to attend meetings, supposedly related to tourism. I say supposedly, because I was fed up of listening to speeches from Mr/Ms. I-know-from-first-hand  and I travel-twice-a-year-so-I-know-a-little-about-tourism.

I neither have the space, nor the intention of repeating their speeches here. On the other hand, is not necessary, because you can summarize it on the two golden rules of copyologists. Their favorite sentences when they talk about tourism:

Rule 1- You know, first we did this initiative focus on local Tourism then, it will be easy to extrapolate it to international tourism.

Rule 2- You know, first we did this initiative focus on generic Tourism then, it will be easy to extrapolate it to specialized one.

I was fed up BUT, not anymore! Now it is a joy to attend these meetings. I don’t have to say anything, I don’t have to argue with anyone anymore… Nowadays, sooner or later appear one of my Touristologists and reply to the copyologists making clear why Touristology is a science and copyology… well, a copy!

The other day, I was in one of these meetings. It was very interesting, not because any copyologist’s sentences BUT for the reply of one of my Touristologists!

They talked about the tendency in Labour Law to let hotels to externalize all that is not its core business. They can externalize these non-core activities to anyone.  Some of the attendants were afraid of the future of quality employment in tourism.

Selling rooms is what I do – a copyologist was saying proudly. All the other activities are complementary services that I can externalize: Do the beds, serve drinks, clean the swimming-pool, serve breakfast. Thanks to this legislation I will be able to reduce my costs and become more competitive!

Well, I don’t know about you -said a Touristologists- but I don’t just sell rooms anymore!

Let’s clarify this once and for all… My business is NOT selling rooms or F&B… My business is to satisfy my customer, providing what they need, when they need it, in the way they need it! I provide experiences; I’m a provider of a service that nobody knows how to externalize.

I know what makes people travel
I know how to transform your tourism resources into a product / service customized to a specific segment
I know how to communicate and commercialize through a chain of value
I know how to set up this chain of value…

I’m a Touristologists!!! Now externalize this or copy it if you can!

I was speechless for the first time in my entire life! But this is not a problem anymore…

I’m a Touristologist builder. I have been helping to create hundreds of Touristologists. They’re spreading like a plague into the tourism sector around the world, changing the way we enjoy, manage and define Tourism. They are Touristologists, Touristology is OUR science and this is OUR blog!

PMS’ evolution… Touristology’s point of view! Part 1

PMS is one the most famous /well-known software in the lodging industry. If you don’t know about tourism maybe a definition is needed… WAIT! You don’t know about tourism? What the heck are you doing here?  😎 Just joking!!!! If you believe that Tourism is the best sector ever, Touristology is a science and you feel down in your heart that you want to become a Touristologists… for me, it is more than enough. So, welcome a board!!!
PMS stands for Property Management System. It is the equivalent to ERP (enterprise resource planning) in other sectors.
PMS needed to be developed because the standard software (ERP) wasn’t able to cope with the features that lodging services need: Management of an inventory that you don’t send out BUT on the contrary customers come to use. Inventory that the same day is left for one customer, then cleaned and maintained, then occupied by another customer. Inventory of intangible services, which make them unable to deposit and give origin to one of my favorites strategies in Touristology: Yield/Revenue Management! Remember, Touristologists… what you don’t’ sell today is lost forever!
Most of the lodging enterprises have a PMS, from the most famous one OPERA by micros (bought not so long ago for Oracle), to the new ones than appear below the umbrella of cloud computing, making the most of the cloud and web 2.0 business model. Even though, sometimes, they just do the same as usual but with a new name!
Anyway, ready for PMS’ evolution, Touristology’s point of view? To me, there are three drivers changing the PMS scenario, giving opportunities to new entrants and threats to the old players. Definitively, these are interesting times in PMS’ field.
Let’s talk first about the slow transformation from a PMS to a CVMS:
If you want to provide services before, during and after a trip, it’s compulsory to make all departments and members of the chain of value work as a single organization. In order to do that you will need software to help you achieve your mission! Of course, it is important to manage your property, but a company in XXI century, begins and ends with its customers. So, you will need to manage ALL the chain of value… You will need a Chain of Value Management System or CVMS!
It’s worth remembering that we are talking about the chain of value made for and by the customer. It is the customer who decides who is a member and in which way adds value or gain its trust. Don’t make the usual mistake of a copyologist that defines the chain of value based on their preferences, contacts or interest. We don’t send goods through OUR chain of value. We attract, motivate, and seduce customers through it. For that reason, we have to use the chain of value made for and by the customer!!!
Let’s see a drawing of this PMS’ evolution. Blue boxes are features already implemented in modern PMS. Red ones are proposals from Touristology’s point of view!PMS2CVMS

OK, blue ones. Beginning from the left:
Services suppliers: Software able to sell other services apart from the usual in the lodging industry: Rent a car, Tourist guide… you name it (or even better… YOUR customers name it!) Here you can see an example relating Hyatt and Uber.
BUT Jordi! This is a mobile app NOT a PMS! Right, Touristologists! A mobile app using your PMS, So, Where is the difference? Why are you creating boundaries? Why do you like so much define silos after silos?
Travel agencies in the country of origin: From my PMS, we can add a module and manage reservations in the GDS, OTA, etc… Which is known as Channel Manager? Here we analyzed the software solution of an interesting company.
OLR (On-Line Reputation Management) and SnS management. Here we talked a little bit about web scraping and the semantic web.  We also view here a little bit about SnS Management with SalesForce Marketing Cloud
But Jordi! This is a CRM NOT a PMS!… Well… I can repeat again… not boundaries, not silos… But the important thing is… Are you willing to listen?
Time to see the red ones:
Incoming Travel agencies: If you want to create, communicate and commercialize packages, then it is compulsory to become a Travel Agency. Why on earth would I do that, Jordi?
Well….To gain the trust of the customer? To add value and obtain more customers NOT low price orientated? They seem good and powerful reasons to me!
SnS Management is good BUT, as I always say, Paraphrasing Alan Kay: People (Travel companies) who are really serious about social media should make their own communities.  This is not a solution for all the segments. You have to select the ones NOT based on Dr. Frankensteins Segmentation. Here you can review some interesting examples, that will allow you to get a powerful nucleus of people that like, want to be professionals and already are professionals of something (musicians, code developers, architects, hoteliers, runners…). Over this nucleus you can build up layers of profit: E-commerce selling was it is important to them. Marketing Research, meetings…
I repeat, these are interesting times in PMS’s field. Interesting times to be a Touristologist AND fascinating times to be a Touristologists builder!!!
Jordi, don’t you talk about three drivers changing the PMS scenario?
YES! This is number one. Number two (cloud computing) and number three (application of web 2.0 business model into the servuction process) deserve their own post.

Stop making excuses! Complete your transformation!!!

Maybe, you don’t know yet, because you’re still in your cocoon and you are afraid… BUT you are HERE following your guts, feeling down in your heart that you want to become a Touristologists!!!
Some of you, will say – I’m NOT afraid.. I have my reasons
Well, you can call them reasons BUT they seem like excuses to me!
I have a list of those reasons /excuses that I have been collecting during my (near to) 25 years as a Touristologist builder.
1) I don’t give my presentations in English, because I prefer to put that off until I finish my undergraduate, then I will travel and work around the world… OR I don’t give my presentations in English because my teachers’ accent is not perfect!!! Reasons? Excuses? Blaming others? Avoiding Responsibilities?… you name it!
2) I don’t search for internships in “this” tourism enterprise, that I will love to work with,  until I get more free time, or until my University makes a special deal with it, or until I am sure that they want my… what would happen if they reject me? Or if I would annoy them with my phone call??? Reason? Excuses? Blaming others? Avoiding Responsibilities?… you name it!
3) I don’t want to design and create a Data Base, program a portlet, or build a native application or mobile web app… I’m sure that someday I will find a partner or a team willing to do this for me OR I will work for a company that takes care of that! Reasons? Excuses? Blaming others? Avoiding Responsibilities?… you name it!
4) First I will work with local tourism then when I get experience, contacts, attitudes it will be easy to search and attract international tourism.
What do you think… reasons or excuses???
You have to stop making excuses and complete your transformation!
I experience firsthand the same process. It all began when I stopped looking for a web developer and I decided to become one. I had to stop making excuses and believing that it was others people fault. It has been a long process…not ended yet (I guess it won’t ever end!!!).
Do you know when I realized that I was on truck to become a full-stack web developer? It happened, and still happens, every time that I read an article, a post on a blog, a chapter in a book, a speech at a conference, a meeting with others that, like me, felt in love with web-engineering…and somebody (sometimes a genius, sometimes not…) recommend a specific “boilerplate code” and its integration in a specific full-stack (client and server side) environment. A long time ago, I followed carefully all the instructions then, one day, I began to listen to a voice inside me… – Jordi, get other people’s ideas BUT the ““boilerplate code” and its integration in a specific full-stack (client and server side) environment” are, definitely, your call.
Once you experience the power, the confidence, the independence of expressing your own ideas in your own code, there is not return. You know that you will do whatever it takes to have this felling again.
When you experience love… sex becomes secondary.
When you experience spirituality… religion becomes secondary.
When you connect with a human being… her/his culture, religion, gender, political ideas become secondary.
When you began to give your classes, seminars, in-company training sessions or start-up meetings in order to redefine their (OUR?) business model, speaking in a new language… reading, listening, writing it, become secondary.
When you are a thinker of the Business Model for Tourism enterprises or Destinations (from the beginning to the end of the trip, of course!) and the executor (alone or with a team) of the technological scheme… to be the one with just ideas becomes secondary!
I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point!
My advice, Touristologists?
Stop making excuses! Listen to your heart! If the message is clear and you are giving excuse after excuse, blaming others, in order to avoid taking responsibility…If you are feeling unhappiness because of that… you are protecting your cocoon (the comfort zone, some people call it!). Break the cocoon! Become a Touristologists!
It will be hard (I guarantee this) but worth it (I, also, guarantee this!!!) BUT, above all else… Do you want to know the most important reason? Nothing is worse than dying as a bug when your destiny is to become a beautiful… Touristologists!!!!
You have all the summer ahead! Redeem the time!!!! Make the most of IT!!!

Once Upon a Time somebody thought …It is so easy to become a Touristologist!

Once upon a Time, there was a medium-size village dreaming about employment and wealth creation through tourism. They had neighboring villages dealing with generic tourism and they were concerned about threats to their culture and way of life…
In a restaurant, in the middle of this city, a group of entrepreneurs, established enterprises and public sector were having an impassioned debate about these issues.
“We have to offer sea products, scuba diving activities, sightseeing activities, culture, gastronomy…All this sounds attractive to a tourist, doesn’t it?”
A Touristologist happens to pass by and hearing the words Tourism and seeing excitement on the faces…  He/She can help and asks to join the conversation.
Are you thinking about International and specialized Tourism, of course? – Asked the Touristologist with joy…
Of course, the international tourism that we already have! They are around us, so the only thing that we have to do is to provide something interesting and specialized to them – replied the crew as a single voice.
Ah… sorry – said the Touristologist beginning to yawn- I thought that you really want to be Touristologists.
Wait a moment! What do you mean by that? A tourist is a tourist, right?
No – reply the Touristologists thinking that someday people will take OUR science seriously!
I’m already selling my service to tourist, so I get experience, contacts…
Yes- reply the Touristologist- and you can be very proud of it! But, if you want to create, communicate and commercialize tourism services to international and specialized tourists you will need…
The Touristologist took a napkin and began to write what seem to be timeless rules….
1) To create a meta-enterprise (a kind of travel agency if you want to put a specific name!) able to deal with all the Touristology’s tasks : Finding segments with specific needs around the world, creating customized packages (both with tourism services and motivational ones) for them in order to meet their necessities, building and managing the related chains of value…
Do you think that we can do that? – asked one of them
Are you able to carry out an operation? No, because you are not a surgeon…
Are you able to build a building? No, because you are not an architect…
Are you able to create the next Internet killer-app? No, because you are not a programmer…
Why do you think you can do all the tasks a Touristologists do without the training, the experience, the contacts…?
2) To build the specialized and international chain of value.
Ah… we can use Specialized Touroperators! I have contacts with them – Said one of the attendants with excitement!
A specialized Tour-operator is another good example of oxymoron – replied the Touristologist – As it is a solo entrepreneur or a low price orientated customer that you try to catch using flash sales websites, thinking that after the first visit they will return paying the usual price!
You can still dream about somebody (you can call it tour-operators, the biggest search engine /Social Networking Site or the new group buying and flash sales site….) that brings the tourists to you… But, the fact of the matter is that they are USUALLY focused on generic tourism and ALWAYS focus on gaining the trust of the customer, willing to transform your product /service into a commodity and keeping  the leadership of the chain of value.
3) To define the technological scheme able to make the previous chains of value work as a single entity, a complex system, indeed… Able to provide support for the tourist from the beginning to the end of the trip!
After write the three rules the Touristologists handed it out  to them, smiled and followed her/his path whistling his/her favorite song…
Touristologist!!! What if we need more advice?
Don’t worry, there are plenty of Touristologists around the world, they’re spreading like a plague into the tourism sector, changing the way we enjoy, manage and define Tourism
Just find the right one!

Forget about Dr. Frankenstein’s segmentation, Touristologists!

I go to a seminar, an in-company training or start-up meeting in order to define (or redefine!) their (OUR???) business model. I introduce to them the usual generic versus specialized tourism scenarios
You can follow Gauss’ bell and choose the segments with more potential customers (Leisure and Business), but remember this segments are strongly focused on low price, so the one who achieve economy of scale will win.
Or you can follow Long tail theory and focus on small segments with specific necessities, then customize your service and build/create and manage their chain of value…
This approach can be profitable but, there are two important things to remember however!
1) The world is the market! So, even though you have a small number of potential customers of this segment near to you (your hotel, restaurant, tourism destination…) you can get a fair number if you think about a global market (50 from Holland, 150 from USA, 100 from Korea…). Apart from that, if you are able to attract international tourism… then your place will be the place to go to get international contacts, different perspectives…. Good location? We decide what a good location is, remember?
2) You have to build up the chain of value.
This chain of value begins with meeting places. I mean, specialized Social Networking Sites, Magazines, TV programs, Clubs, Universities …
Do you remember all the study cases that I explain to you about using RFID, a community and a mobile app to attract people who love skiing OR the successful story of Wyndham with Business Women, OR Chip Conley and JDVhotels with a hotel for musicians…?
But Jordi – Asks the usual attendant who feels something like “ I see that this is important to you BUT, I don’t see why it is important to me!”- I was thinking about segments that don’t have this kind of meeting places. I want to create a boutique hotel life-style orientated!
I see -I reply feeling Touristology’s voice talking through myself…. This is an example of Dr. Frankenstein’s segmentation… you describe segments that are the fruit of a laboratory experiment….
Let me guess, are you thinking about…
Millennials OR Hipsters OR DINKY (Dual Income, No Kids Yet) OR BOBOS (“bourgeois bohemians”)…
They are all, good examples of Dr. Frankenstein’s segmentation. Segments created in a laboratory. Segments without life, unable to develop, to growth, to mix together… They are segments if we are thinking as a Sociologist does BUT, we are Touristologists. We need people that will love to meet each other in order to create groups, we need people who meet in specialized places (Social Networking Sites, magazines, TV programs, clubs, universities…) We need people that define themselves as…, feel proud of being a…, and like to find others like them…In this way, we can transform a Hotel a Restaurant a Tourism destination into a magnet for this community! No community… no profitable specialized tourism, Touristologists!
Do you, seriously, think that Millennials, Hipsters , DINKY, BOBOS, … you name it! Identified themselves as… are proud of go to a place that treat them as…Do you think that they can be users of MeetUp, that they will create a group using this group creator website? What? You don’t know about MeetUp… time to solve this…

YouTube Preview Image

I don’t say that you can’t study reality/societies with this Dr. Frankenstein’s segmentation BUT we are NOT Sociologists! We are Touristologists! Our aim is to transform any Hotel, Restaurant or Tourism destination into a magnet. To achieve this we need to create and manage a chain of value which begins with MEETING PLACES. No specialized meeting places… no specialized segment.
We can describe them as a segment BUT if they don’t describe themselves, if they don’t share interests, if they don’t want to be together… then it won’t work!
My advice? Forget about Dr. Frankenstein’s segmentation! Focus on real specialized tourism, the ones with a Chain of Value! Do you remember the examples that we studied here related to architects, or this other one related to Game Developers?
Make up your mind Touristologist! You can mix the two approaches, both generic and specialized BUT remember if , at the end of the day, price is the most important driver… then is not specialized! If you want to, at least partially, focus on specialized tourism, then be sure to forget about Dr. Frankenstein’s segmentation and find real examples of specialized tourism, then if you want to share them with your fellow Touristologists, it will be my honor and privilege to use this OUR blog, to share OUR examples of Touristology’s segmentation!!!

Does Touristology reflect the reality of the Tourism sector?

The other day, I was enjoying an in-company training session that I was lucky enough to give. I love in-company training, it’s always fun to mix my ideas with people involved in day-to-day real Tourism!
I discussed my favorite topics:  Touristology framework, 1,2,3 theory, Servuction… at the end of the session, I proposed the two study cases related to the Da Vinci Code. As you remember, one of them deals with an international community of architects and the other one with and international community of game developers.
Most of the assistants enjoy the session; some of them even become Touristologists. All with only one session… As I always say: The sky is the limit!
BUT it wasn’t all good news… when I was packing, smiling and whistling my favorite song (which you can enjoy at the end of this post) one of the attendees came to me and shouted “Does Touristology reflect the reality of the Tourism sector? I mean, I don’t see the connection with, my day-to-day activity and all this B.S of international communities and chain of value”
I appreciate your honesty – I calmly reply, forcing my mind to forget the B.S classification!!!- It’s supposed that Touristology represents the future of our beloved sector. I believe that in the next years we will see a Cambrian revolution in Tourism drive by web-engineering and real-and-not-only-economical globalization. It wouldn’t be a Cambrian revolution if it was the same as we have today, right?
Do you remember the example that I gave about RFID utilization for a ski resort?
Do you think that their vision of creating a mobile app and a virtual community represents the future of the best sector ever?
Do you believe that their idea of creating an incoming travel agency and to make contacts around almost all the countries of the world, allowing tourists to buy their products in travel agencies with, at least, some degree of specialization in skiing, it is a good example of chain of value and trying to control it using My Own 1,2,3 principles?
If you think that it is not. I’m fine with that!
If you agree, I will be here ready to welcome you in the best international community ever: Touristology one!!!!
Meanwhile… what better than listen to the eternal music of Puccini!!!!!

I convinced the naysayer? I don’t know! The only thing that I’m sure about, is… All’alba Touristology …vincerò!
Enjoy your holydays Touristologists! Learn, improve and love Touristology!

Sooner or later you will realize… You are Touristologists!!!

The last year I wrote down this post. In it I made a promise to My Touristologists: “You will learn how to create, or at least how to deal with a team which will create, the best mobile application for the tourism sector”.
I keep delivering my promise! This year it will easier to do thanks to cloud computing, virtual machines and the open source movement!
As you know, in mobile ecosystem you have to make up your mind about having a mobile web app or a native app. With native apps you get all the power BUT you have to create an app for each OS ( IOS by Apple, Android by Google…you name it). On the other hand, with mobile web apps you write once, run everywhere BUT some functionalities are missed.
By the way, “write once, run everywhere!” reminds me of old times, old promises, great expectations… we have to trust that this time it will be true BUT we also have to be cautious…
You also can use phonegap or apache cordova in order to create hybrid solutions that aim to get the best of both worlds. Apps for everyone and access to the software and hardware of your smartphone (or ANY WEREABLE COMPUTER remember I’m biased)
I like the definition apache-cordova provides…
“Apache Cordova is a set of device APIs that allow a mobile app developer to access native device function such as the camera or accelerometer from JavaScript. Combined with a UI framework such as jQuery Mobile or Dojo Mobile or Sencha Touch, this allows a smartphone app to be developed with just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”
Nowadays, you have another option that is easy to use and install. So, I will use in my classes. I’m talking about Firefox OS that allow through webapis to do things usually only reserved to native applications. Here you have an interesting introduction and next a motivating one!

I also will use other frameworks and tools as I tweeted here…
As you know, until now I was undecided about the paradigm mobile web or native application. Right now, I make up my mind… and, even though I’m an entrepreneur, a consultant and a teacher… I only have one mind. So, the same thing that I’m building up for my pirate ship, the same thing that I recommend to my customers… I explain and practice with My Touristologists!
How far will My Touristologists go?  It’s up to them!!!
But Jordi! Some of your students don’t like that you teach them how to program, nor that you force them to read, write, speak…think in English!
Well, they like… BUT they don’t know it yet! They are in the process of becoming Touristologists! Some of them decide to be a Touristologists, the first year of their grade, others the last one… others when they get a High-Paying job or set up a tourism enterprise.. Others when they retire and review their professional life!!!
Sooner or later, they will realize that all my effort, all my passion, all my will, has only a single objective: That they feel that they are the best minds working in the best sector ever!
Will I win this battle? I’ll put everything I’ve got into it! As sure as Touristology is a science!!!

Casually… giving away control of the chain of value!

Touristology and Web-Engineering; Business Model and Technological Scheme… always two hands remember? Are you sure you can allow yourself to forget about the technological hand? I don’t think/recommend/advise so, Touristologists!!!
In this post we talked about the kind of drivers (basically, economies of scale and innovation base on controlling a community of users) that unleash a Business Model that will allow you to manage your chain of value.
Now, it is time to deal with the Technological Scheme that will allow you to implement this Business Model.
Ready? Steady? GOOOOO!
If we think about the feature of managing a virtual community and to offer to them the 3 C’s… a portal seems a very interesting option. You can analyze the open source solution offered by Liferay or the proprietary one offered by Oracle.
I teach my Touristologists how to deal with the most important social networking sites nowadays BUT ABOVE ALL I teach them to create one of their own. I love to see their faces the first time I say “You have to create communities each one of them will represent a component of your chain of value, then you have to create users, then you have to assign them to the communities and give to them public and private pages, finally, you have to add widgets inside this pages according to the role users have” To them it seems an impossible task to do, but then they began to work, to deal with bad thoughts and feelings and they end up with wonderful presentations like this one… thanks Gerard, Angie, Jonatan, Laura for being EXCELENTS TOURISTOLOGISTS and proudly say “You don’t have ONE website you have a platform able to create, distribute and send the 3 C’s in a customized way to any device”

If we think about the feature of trying to satisfy the tourist from the beginning to the end of the trip, getting 3 C’s from all the members of the chain of value and offering it/them in an integrated, customized and synchronized way using any device. We can use the power of Web Services and Web Scrapping. Nevertheless, a question remains… What kind of technology should we use in mobile devices?
As you remember, when I talked about mobile I went beyond smartphones and tablets. I stand on the shoulders of giants (paraphrasing Newton!!!) and using the vision of Mark Weiser…. I talk about ubiquitous computing using any device, it can be smartphones, tablets, glasses, watches, or any other wearable computing device… At the end of the day, they would allow people to connect to their environment. When is this connection more necessary than when you are travelling?
Until now I was undecided about the paradigm mobile web or native application. Right now, I make up my mind…
In the server side access to the members of the chain of value via restful services or webscrapping.
In the client side a mobile web base on JavaScript and optimized with Backbonejs (Maybe you prefer Angular, Ember, Meteor… it’s your choice!) offering Single Page Applications to any devices!
I don’t say that native applications are not good. I only say that in Touristology in order to provide the right servuction from the beginning to the end of the trip, I have to use any device in a personalized and synchronized way (Web 3.0 remember?). They can be mobile, laptop, smartTV, glasses, watches, boots… you name it! And, in my opinion, this is better achieved with single page applications.
Jordi! I don’t know what the heck you are talking about! Take it easy Touristologists… We have plenty of time to discus all these ideas in class. If you are ready to learn I confidently declare that YOU WILL LEARN!!!!…. And not only that, you will become a game-changer for the tourism sector.
The other day I read an article where an expert in Tourism and Technology claimed that 2014 it will be a regular year…. Not any big revolution will appear… well… let’s see who is right!!!
Interesting times for Touristology and Web-Engineering! A quiet 2014? Expect the unexpected. Welcome to a new era… Touristology one!