Some time ago, I wrote down a manual about Touristology, where I explained that we live in a connected world (I was following the ideas of Thomas Friedman and his marvelous book “The world is flat”).

This connected world is especially true in tourism.
We can do business with everyone. The world is OUR office! So, if we want to succeed in tourism we have to do things globally!  We send tourists around the world. We have to seduce tourists from around the world …We can create international routes in order to satisfy the needs of specialized or generic tourists.

What happens in other countries affects the security of all countries: wars, pollution, poverty, LACK OF ALTERNATIVES FOR LOCAL POPULATION … If we want to increase security, to reduce pollution, to take care of the culture of the world, we have to implement measures on a global level. If we want to reduce pollution we have to do things globally.

Which is the role of Touristology in this goal?
We must teach countries worldwide about how to create richness, employment, and protect their/ OUR culture using Touristology’s methodology. This will reduce their poverty, give them alternatives and, consequently, improvements to our security! This will also give opportunities for Touristologists around the world!
As the definition of Touristology says:

“Touristology is the art and science of travel motivation promising improvements in quality of life, international contacts and broader perspectives for the tourist AND a way to take care of culture and create richness and employment for the tourist destination.”

Yes, Touristologists… We definitely have to help the world to help YOU!!!