One month ago… this was my tweet!

Teaching my students how to code his/her dreams in native mobile apps (iOS/Android) is one of the most gratifying things in my life!!!

On Monday I will practice it! It will be the first day of a new subject! I love first days!!!

I have been working in mobile development for the last 5 years, helping both, big organizations and start-ups to select the best approach to a multi-screen world.

I mean…

1) Responsive web design: I enjoy dealing with Bootstrap and its approach to responsive web design!

2) Hybrids apps: Today the most popular approaches are…

    2-1) Cordova/PhoneGap for people loving to reuse their HTML+CSS+JavaScript knowledge.

    2-2) React Native for people thinking about using JavaScript in the frontend and also in the backend!

   2-3) Xamarin that have the powerful support of big software enterprises like Microsoft (by the way… Great integration with Visual Studio), Oracle… but… you have to learn C#

    2-4) Ionic (Angular)


3) Native applications: I love reusing my knowledge of Java and XML in Android and discovering the benefits of functional programming. At the end of the day… I’m an old dog learning new tricks… first OOP (Object-Oriented Programming who better than Steve Jobs to learn about it!) now adding Functional Programming and getting Functional Reactive Programming!

And… of course I fell in love with Swift at first sight!!!

So, Responsive Web Design, Hybrid or Native Apps. Which is the best approach? As I always say… an intelligent answer begins with …. “It depends”.

Effectively, “it depends” it is a good beginning but, it would be a know-it-all answer if you don’t add… It depends ON…

In general, it will depend on the kind of device your customers use WHEN they deal with your company AND remember this device can be different (or a combination of devices) for every operation and process inside your company (YES! I mean inside your chain of value!!!!)

You have to define the kind of operations and processes that you want to offer to the Tourists/Customer then, based on the kind of device they are mostly using, you have to make up your mind.

It will also depend on your team, in the kind of expertise that they have… in their motivation to learn!

It will also depend on your budget….

So, there is NOT a perfect solution! In life, as in web-engineering as in Touristology you have to learn how to wear different HATS!

To provide a good servuction…put your hotelier hat on!

To create, communicate and commercialize a tourism package for a generic or specialized group… put your travel agent hat on!

To sell NOW for THIS Day/hour…   put your Yield/Revenue Manager hat on!

We are Consilient Thinkers, nimbly passing from one Science to another, smiling and loving to dance…even under the rain!!!

So, I will be dancing on Monday!!! Everything is possible the first day. The objectives that appear in OUR syllabus are ALL possible: “To develop a MVP (minimum viable product) to check YOUR ideas with customers, potentials investors and professional developers, both in iOS and Android environments.”

Let’s go for them!!! I, definitely, love first days!!!