The other day, a group of Touristologists decided to give a presentation about Waynabox a new OTA in the European field selling trips AND SURPRISES!

Interesting enterprise! But… generic! Basically, because the main driver for the Tourists, airline companies, hotels and even for the new travel agency is… PRICE! So, in order to be successful, they need economies of scale… meaning a lot of customers.

For the Tourists, you get a surprise trip. Yes, BUT please don’t forget… at a low price!

For the Airlines companies and Hotels, you get customers when you have a low occupancy or empty seats. So, they use a basic principle in Yield/Revenue Management… Mark down the price. I hope that as managers…This is NOT all they will get!!!

Remember, we are wave managers. So, maybe we can create an example of specialized tourism where less Tourists and more revenues (RevPar, TRevPar) AND PROFITS (GopPar) can be a better OR COMPLEMENTARY business model for all the members of the chain of value!

Few days ago, appeared this article by John Hagel about the gig economy. I found the article very interesting! He explains that gig economy can be for “Routine tasks” AND for “Creative problem solving”… I began connecting the dots between trips, surprises and opportunities in the gig economy!

To me, “Routine tasks” sounds generic and “Creative problem solving” sounds to opportunities for specialized Tourism!

Are you a specialized freelance with a set of high demand skills? What about you can go to a different city apply your skills and then enjoy the city?

By the way, some people call this combination of business and leisure Travel “Bleisure”

Do you think that companies from around the world are willing to hire the bests experts in the world?

Do you think that this combination of a job and Tourism can seduce these experts?

Do you think that they can use/enjoy an upgrade in the airline company in order to relax before, during and after the trip? Do you think that, for this segment, location and services of a hotel are more important than the price?

Ummmm  it sounds that you can use the butterfly strategy here!!!

ButterflyStrategyCan you describe the chain of value of this segment? Can you describe the operations and processes in order to seduce both the segment and the enterprises? Can you prove that you are one of the best minds working in the best sector ever?

I love Touristology’s games!!! What about YOU???