The other day we talked about the future of mobile.
I recommended you a good presentation about it and I claimed that something was missing… The future of mobile passes through providing good Servuction! In this presentation, the authors highlight the increase on the users of smartphones and tablets and the fact that users do on mobile things that they usually don’t do on-line, specifically play games! Ummm rings the bell of Gamification to me!  Gamification?
Jordi, are you creating new words again? This time… I’m not the one who creates new words, Touristologists! You can check this video out to learn more about it!

If you get interested and want to see some applications of Gamification in tourism you can explore the ideas proposed for scvngr
To me,there is plenty of room in Touristology for mixing Gamification and Servuction
At the end of the day, tourists participate in the Servuction process and if we want to be successful in the pro-am era, we have to promote this participation in all the processes of our enterprise, or even better in all the processes of our chain of value!
Processes related to the creation of dynamic packaging, in its communication, in its commercialization, in service recovery, in marketing research…
What better way to involve a tourist than using a game? What better way to show a tourist the way Servuction works in our organization? As Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  Mr. Franklin, you really know about Education methodology. I’m sure that you were very good at creating frameworks… like this one where I try to explain the evolution of Internet from looking for information to becoming social and finally to doing things (implementing processes!!!)

Do you see, Touristologists? The secret of a successful professional career is to never work! When you are doing what you like it’s just a game… Like building a science, TOURISTOLOGY, with my fellow Touristologists!!!

Jordi Oller