Leaders in Tourism?

Are we Tourism leaders because we get more tourists than anyone? What kind of crazy, boring, not sustainable, not as profitable as-it-can-be business are we playing at!?!??!
Not sustainable? Number of tourists is increasing every year, right? Carrying capacity is the same, right?
Boring? Sure, If we are only able to mark down the price and copy what others are doing!
Crazy? Not as profitable as it can be? When we talk about minerals, species, commodities… who get most of the profit? The owners of the raw material OR the extractors, which transform the raw material and then communicate and commercialize it? Why do you think is different in Tourism?
In tourism the raw material are the tourism resources. The ones who transform them into tourism products, and then communicate and commercialize them are the winners.
The only difference in Tourism is that we don’t send the products abroad, we seduce tourists to come here!
I could go on for a month but I think I have made my point!

BUT… What about if…?

We are Tourisms leaders because we have the best Touristologists, the best companies, the best startups dealing with Tourism…This is the name of the game!
We are Tourisms leaders because we always play at an international level… the world is definitely our office. This is the name of the game!
We are Tourism leaders because we are changing the way the world enjoys, manages and defines Tourism… This is the name of the game!


Jordi Oller

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Jordi Oller i Nogués PhD in Economics. Touristologist (“Turistòleg” in my mother tongue). Lecturer, Consultant and Entrepreneur specialized in business models and technological architecture for services (Tourism, Healthcare and Training sector). Areas of expertise covers: Creation, Communication and Commercialization of Tourism Services; Service Management; Yield / Revenue Management and Social Media Marketing.

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