Sometimes (well, often) My Touristologists ask me, fed up about my obsession to give my subject in English, fed up of always demanding International examples, fed up of always asking for more examples of specialized Tourism, fed up of my methodology which consists of ME presenting the whole theory in the first sessions , then THEM preparing study cases and projects making all the concepts interact, then THEY give presentations to the rest of the class and have to integrate their ideas, proposals, improvements…Jordi, exactly, what do you want?!?!?!
I want YOU to be successful Touristologists! That is what I want! I’m only good if you are good. At the end of the day, I’m a Touristologists builder, remember? I’m only good if masterpieces appear to astonish the world! I want to contribute to the creation of the greatest Touristologists on earth. That is what I want!
I want to avoid, by all means, that you just memorize concept after concept and then regurgitate them in an exam. As I said here I could use a methodology which means less work for you and for me! Sure I could! BUT with this kind of interaction I’m sure that my Touristologists don’t learn the subject by the book. I want YOU to become master and commander of Touristology’s Framework. In order to achieve, there is nothing better than using a trial and error methodology!
In a real job, in your start-up, it won’t be theme 1 and theme 2… You will have to interact with concepts, deal with different opinions and point of views (customers, investors, suppliers, collaborators, employees…) then analyze this ever changing reality and REACT in the most effective and efficient way. I try to mimic this reality with this methodology. I try to prepare you to survive in this reality!
The other day, we talked about, that to develop the skills, the contacts, the knowledge to deal with specialized tourism it is an important framework to keep in your Touristology’s toolbox!
I also want to be sure that you can apply these ideas for a job interview, Touristologists! If the only thing you are able to offer is your capacity to attend the tourist when She/He arrives at the hotel, camping site, Tourism destination… you are a kind of commodity. You are doing something, though very important, a lot of people know how to do.
I want to be sure that you can apply these ideas to your new start-up, as well. Local tourism is OK, but.. You are a Touristologist! The world is your office and you have what it takes to be competitive in a global environment. If you only focus on local tourism you are losing plenty of opportunities!
If you are able to integrate ideas and points of view, if you are able to seek for new customers and attract them as a magnet to any place that you choose and then become a Super3 and add layers of profit as we explained here. I, strongly, believe that you can earn more money and build up a successful career as a Touristologist!
If you are able to do that… you don’t need to worry about your competitors, some of them still believe that local tourism is the way to go, that Chinese tourism is a fairy tale, that marking down the price is the most intelligent tactic ever in order to increase your profits, that Marketing, Human Resources, Finances… can operate as silos, that you don’t need to try to control the chain of value…
Globalization makes anyone in the world a possible competitor. More and more people have access to information, to knowledge, to international contacts. If we want to succeed we have to play in an international environment with international scope and become problem-solvers and profit generators!
You’re another species, you are an evolution: Better educated, trained, motivated and connected to an international world. You’re a Touristologist! You are the flavor of the month, you are the future of our beloved sector!
Are you with me in this battle? Good warriors know when they have to fight a battle alone, when it is better to use a small and highly specialized group and when they have to use all men and women available. If Touristology has to win, we will need all possible help.

If we stay together we will succeed and will sing VINCERÒ! …at the end of the battle!!! As sure as Touristology is a science!!!