The other day, I tweeted about Gamification and tourism.

Gamification and ServuctionAs you know, I strongly believe that Gamification is strongly related to Servuction ( Isn’t it, at the end of the day, Servuction a play for a special audience called the customers, as the creator of the word Servuction claims ?).
The day after my tweet, an ad about a master dealing with Gamification appears in my account. Coincidence? Of course not! I follow the link and I discovered two things:
1) Twitter can be effective as a promotion tool for tourism enterprises!
2) What is now called Gamification it was called Simulation 17 years ago!
I strongly believe that life is better represented as a circle than as a line. What was Yield Management, is now Revenue Management, what it was Intelligent Systems is now big data or machine learning what was a multiplatform website (usually with XML +XSLT) is now RWD (Responsive Web Design) … Sometimes the update is worthy, sometimes it is better to stick with the old version but, in any case, it’s a must to have a holistic vision in order to have your own!
In 1996 I completed a specialization in teaching methodology. At that time, I studied what was the flavor of the month: Case Method, Team Projects and Simulation. I enjoyed this course and, as usual, I enjoy more when I put these theoretical ideas into practice with my Touristologists!
You have to remember that one of the main reasons I become a teacher is because I love to learn and then share this knowledge. If then my Touristologists earn a living using this new new thing I’m the happiest man on earth!
Ok! Let’s focus now on Twitter as a promotion tool for tourism destinations and enterprises. Shall We? I have to admit that the first time I used twitter this thought pass through my mind “This is nonsense. Just a distraction that I have to avoid in order to accomplish my goals!” So, I forget about twitter, then one day I returned and discover that a lot of bloggers, magazines, newsletters, enterprises…, which I was following through other mediums, publish first and in advance in twitter. I also realize that they reply (usually very fast) to questions make for normal people.
So, nowadays I check Twitter out every single day…And I think is worthy to consider as a medium of promotion for Tourism enterprises and destinations, Touristologists!
How does its ads systems works? Good question! Let’s provide a quick summary. Then, if you are a Touristologist, you will use Galileo’s Methodology “He was often willing to change his views in accordance with observation” and maybe you wish to share, here in OUR blog, what you are learned, with your fellow Touristologists!!!!
Is Twitter ad campaign not yet available in your country, Touristologists? Don’t worry! Soon it will be, and you will be ready! Always ahead, remember?
In a nutshell…
Click the twitter’s gear
Twitter gear and select Twitter ad campaign
And follow these easy steps:
1) Choose what you want to promote:
1-1)You can promote your tweets. You have to choose which one you want to promote: The one making a special offer? The one introducing your new mobile app?…
1-2) You can promote your account.
1-3) You can promote a trending topic.
In all the cases they will label it as “Promoted”
More information here
2) Target your audience: You can use as a criteria, A) Who are they following and B) Which are its interests. In both cases, you can also use geographical location, electronic device (mobile, laptop…), gender… more information here
3) Choose the limit to the amount of money you are willing to spend. You can limit the cost of getting a new follower or any engagement activity (retweet, reply, favorite or click on your Promoted Tweets). You also can limit how much to spend in a single day.
More information here
4) Then you easily can track the results of the campaign: Here more information
You can learn more here
Simulating the flight of a bird is easy, as it is easy to start a campaign in Twitter but if you really want to fly…you’d better ask to anyone of my fellow Touristologists, they not only provide the best advice related to the new Social networking Site, micro blogging activity, the-new-new-thing… but also what is the best way to integrate them, and their actions, inside your chain of value in order to get the trust and add value to your tourists!!!!