The other day, I was enjoying an in-company training session that I was lucky enough to give. I love in-company training, it’s always fun to mix my ideas with people involved in day-to-day real Tourism!
I discussed my favorite topics:  Touristology framework, 1,2,3 theory, Servuction… at the end of the session, I proposed the two study cases related to the Da Vinci Code. As you remember, one of them deals with an international community of architects and the other one with and international community of game developers.
Most of the assistants enjoy the session; some of them even become Touristologists. All with only one session… As I always say: The sky is the limit!
BUT it wasn’t all good news… when I was packing, smiling and whistling my favorite song (which you can enjoy at the end of this post) one of the attendees came to me and shouted “Does Touristology reflect the reality of the Tourism sector? I mean, I don’t see the connection with, my day-to-day activity and all this B.S of international communities and chain of value”
I appreciate your honesty – I calmly reply, forcing my mind to forget the B.S classification!!!- It’s supposed that Touristology represents the future of our beloved sector. I believe that in the next years we will see a Cambrian revolution in Tourism drive by web-engineering and real-and-not-only-economical globalization. It wouldn’t be a Cambrian revolution if it was the same as we have today, right?
Do you remember the example that I gave about RFID utilization for a ski resort?
Do you think that their vision of creating a mobile app and a virtual community represents the future of the best sector ever?
Do you believe that their idea of creating an incoming travel agency and to make contacts around almost all the countries of the world, allowing tourists to buy their products in travel agencies with, at least, some degree of specialization in skiing, it is a good example of chain of value and trying to control it using My Own 1,2,3 principles?
If you think that it is not. I’m fine with that!
If you agree, I will be here ready to welcome you in the best international community ever: Touristology one!!!!
Meanwhile… what better than listen to the eternal music of Puccini!!!!!

I convinced the naysayer? I don’t know! The only thing that I’m sure about, is… All’alba Touristology …vincerò!
Enjoy your holydays Touristologists! Learn, improve and love Touristology!