Just joking Touristologists! I still strongly believe that the control of the chain of value is the key in order to create and manage a successful business (in Tourism OR in any other sector!!!).

The other day, we talked about how the possibility to control (or not) the chain of value is the main criteria in order to invest or to work in exchange of stock options in a new enterprise or start-up.
Let’s see today an example. Shall We?
What do you think about the following video?
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Do you agree that, at the end of the day, the service (check-in) will be the same BUT the servuction will change? The anchor in this video show doubts if this will mean a better experience for the customer. The answer? There is not a single answer Touristologists! It depends on the segment that we want to analyze. Even in the same segment we have to consider the “Versions of Me” idea!

Hilton also wants to offer the possibility that the customer can choose their room. Again, the service is the same BUT the servuction is different. So far, the receptionist chooses the room. Now it will be the customer. Nowadays, you can choose the seat on a flight choose your car in a rent-a- car agency… Why not choose your room in a hotel? So, it sounds interesting, BUT, definitely, it is not new! A long time ago, appeared room77 a Data Aggregator and Online travel Agency offering the same feature…
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Do you think that those ideas are a threat for other competitors? Sure they are!
BUT…. let’s compare this improvement in the servuction process to a movement aiming to control the chain of value of an important segment for hoteliers…
Do you know travelport? Do you know that they bought Hotelzon? You don’t know Hotelzon? Let’s change that!
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Do you know that Travelport shares the same investor group as Hilton? Do you know that Hilton and Travelport have important partnerships?
Do you see the potential to control the chain of value for corporate travel? As you can see in the previous video, hotelzon helps Business travelers to prepare their reporting, they don’t have to pay any fees, neither for booking nor for cancellation. Do you know what that means for hoteliers???
The fact that Hilton (service suppliers) Travelport (travel agencies) and Hotelzon (a Central Reservations System for Corporate travelers) work together rings a bell for you?  Control of the chain of value, maybe?
And they are not alone in these kinds of movements. Here, you can learn about a similar one, this time from Sabre acquiring Genares:
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Do I mean that corporate travel is not a good option for hoteliers? Do I mean that Hotelzon or Genares are a bad choice from hoteliers’ point of view? Not at all! I only say that if you are unable to find new segments, new chains of value which you have options to control, then you are not a Touristologists!
Interesting times in the Tourism sector. Interesting times to be a Touristologists… Interesting times to find alternatives to generic tourism!!!
Do you still think that specialized tourism is not necessary? Maybe, playing with generic tourism you are able to increase your revenues BUT are you sure you will increase your profits?
You don’t know how to deal with specialized tourism? Don’t panic! You can always talk with any of my Touristologists! They know how to deal with BOTH generic and specialized tourism, after all…. They are the best minds working in the best sector ever!