After finishing the first term, I have some extra time to focus on my second love. Obviously, I am talking about Web-Engineering, Touristologists!!! I have the opportunity to provide advice to a big consultancy firm about the best approach to deal with a multiple-device world.
It is an interesting project and I work with my favorite A-team BUT the project is NOT related to Tourism!!!
But, Jordi. At the end of the day, an enterprise is an enterprise, isn’t it?
– Ask the usual one that appears in my Touristology’s classes because a hole connects “Veterinary University” and “Touristology” ones.
Of course not, Vet, I mean Touristologist!
How is possible that people with no education, experience in Tourism…dare to give their opinion. Do they also opine about quantum mechanics?
Calm down, Jordi – I hear Touristology’s voice talking to me – Don’t you seduce people from around the world to go to a specific hotel/lodging or tourism destination? Why don’t you use your skills to seduce the brightest minds to the best sector ever?  Ummm… maybe I growled, but first, let me finish…
So, what kinds of alternatives, do we have in order to deal with a multiple-screen world?
1) Responsive Web Design (RWD). I mean a web site that adapts to different devices and browsers.
2) A mobile web application. A web site focused on mobile devices.
3) A native application. An application aimed to make the most of a direct connection with the operative system (IOS, Android, you-name-it….) of a mobile device.
-What is the best approach, Jordi?
As I, usually, say to my Touristologists, an intelligent answer begins with …. “It depends”.
For me, it is difficult to find black or white situations in life. I did my doctoral thesis about Fuzzy Logic and I learnt that even in a digital world things are not 0 or 1. Modern computer science seems to agree!  If you are interested “A shortcut through time by George Johnson” can be very enlightening about Quantum Computing ideas…
So, “it depends” it is a good beginning but, it would be a know-it-all answer if you don’t add…
It depends ON…
In general, it will depend on the kind of device your customers use WHEN they deal with your company. (NO, it doesn’t have to be the same as they usually use! For instance, my Touristologists are chatting like crazies with their mobiles all day long BUT, usually, they prefer their laptop to do a videoconference).
You have to define the kind of operations and processes that you want to offer to the Tourists then, based on the kind of device they are mostly using, you have to make up your mind.
For instance, let’s consider that we want to deal with the creation of a dynamic package. So, it will be the servuction (process) of the creation of a product, one of the famous 4P’s in marketing operation.
As you know, apart from the 4P’s E. Jerome McCarthy coined in the 60’s (It’s so funny, to see how people try to create new Ps. The P of people the P of process, the P of Post-sale…), in Tourism we have to add two ambits: Space and Time, where the 4P’s have to be applied.
There is a powerful reason to add these two ambits to the 4P’s, Touristologists!!! What is the biggest difference between the tourism sector and others? We don’t send something abroad… We seduce tourists from around the world to come a specific place. So, if we want to provide backup for them from the beginning to the end of the trip, we have to adapt the 4 P to…
1) Space: Actions of the 4 P’s in the country of origin and in the tourism destination.

2) Time: Actions of the 4P’s before, during and after the trip
Do you believe that Tourists will create and modify their Dynamic Package, basically using smartphones?
Then, better to use Jquery Mobile. It is (almost) perfect for mobiles and, furthermore… it works well with Apache Cordova / PhoneGap allowing you to create a hybrid app and enjoying most of the benefits of native apps.
Do you believe that Tourists will create and modify their Dynamic Package using, indiscriminately, desktop devices, tablets and smartphones?
Then, it is better to use Bootstrap which is good for any devices. Yes, I know that it can be too heavy for a hybrid app (Apache Cordova / PhoneGap), but we have to make a decision, right?
BUT, Jordi, then a Tourism enterprise, their operations and processes (including Marketing and the 4P’s) are different from other sectors!
Finally, you got it Vet, Sorry Touristologist!!! Ummm, maybe it is a good idea not to cover up the hole, BUT instead do, exactly, the opposite!!!!
– This is what I was telling you before – Begin to claim Touristology’s voice…
Tear Touristology’s wall down!!! Let’s welcome and embrace Consilience’s era that Edwars O. Wilson foresees.
Nobody better that Mr. Wilson himself to talk about Consilience and passion for science… I hope you enjoy it!!!

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There are plenty of opportunities for real Touristologists and we need the best minds! So, feel free to join us. As long you agree that… 1) Touristology is a science and 2)  YOU are the best minds working in the best sector ever… You are welcome aboard… Let’s enjoy the race!