Jordi, Can you give us a seminar about Fast Data?
Of course! – I reply!
First, because I know that nowadays it is very usual that some people use different words to describe the same /old thing.
Second, because as Richard Branson say “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”
I like this kind of attitude! Basically, because it is carved in my mind…
My father every time that we have to deal with a new adventure / difficulty /tough time / you-name-it!, say to me: “Pit, barra i collons” that I, gently, can translate as:
1) Step forward… Yes, I volunteer!
2) Self-confidence…. Yes, I can do it!
3) Perseverance and whatever-it-takes kind of attitude in order to deliver what you promise!
So, here I’m… saying yes to a Fast Data seminar! After the proper research, I confirmed my assumptions… Fast Data is a new name for the holy grail of business intelligence…
We can get a lot of data from different chain of value’s members. This is Big Data in nowadays terms (intelligent systems, when I was writing my doctoral thesis!)
We are getting data NOW and we need to provide customized answers, comments, offers, 3 C’s (Content, commerce and community) in the fastest possible way. You can call it Real-Time web .
But before the organization replies… maybe it is a good idea to use the best software on earth: The human brain!

From my point of view, any seminar related to Fast Data is incomplete if it doesn’t deal with the two breakthroughs in Web-Engineering in this decade that I try to summarize in this slide:

1) Server-Side RESTful web APIs that allows you to get and send the 3 C’s NOT ONLY of your enterprise BUT ALSO of the chain of value (remember the one created FOR and BY your customer!)
2) Client-Side MV* that allows to the customer to work even without internet connection and to provide them a fast service… faster… the fastest!

I find this video enlightening….

Do you think you can apply Fast Data to Touristology?
Fast Data? Fast answer, fast reaction…as fast as the wind! Touristology’s wind!