When My Touristologists give Wonderful presentations… I Feel Like I’m 20 Years Old!!! They get the framework, they transform it… it is not my framework anymore (never was!!!) now it’s their framework! Touristology’s one!
They take a real enterprise or they make up a new one then, they follow the specialization path (they are intelligent enough to know that it’s my favorite one!) but, they also know that is not the only one!
At the end of the day, all enterprises want to grow and Touristology provides the tools to allow that. Let’s review those paths. Shall we?
1) Your business can grow getting more customers. Touristology teaches you to keep your customers and get new ones using customization, syndication and pro-am as magnets and community builders!
2) Your business can grow “eating” (I mean acquiring or creating) members of the chain of value. Touristology teaches you to define and manage the chain of value (remember the one create FOR and BY the customer)
3)Finally, your business can also grow creating new chains of value. This is the specialization path. Touristology teaches you how to do the right segmentation process, how to build an international community, how to extract groups from there, how to increase margins and profits…
I love Touristology’s games!!!
I love to see that My Touristologists are the perfect guide for any of those paths that allow enterprises to grow!
They have the vision, the knowledge, the business model, the technological scheme, the contacts, the kind of attitude that push them to do whatever it takes to be successful.
When they finish their presentation, I encourage them to make a call to the enterprise that they talked about (or any of its competitors) in their project. To ask for a meeting and introduce themselves, to show that they know what is important for the company and furthermore how to get it!… That is much better than sending thousands of CV, Touristologists!!!
Then you will get a high quality job (I mean with a good salary, responsibilities, promotion opportunities…) … a consultancy project… or create a new disruptive startup!!!
Making me the proudest men on earth! Becoming yourself in the best minds working in the best sector ever… Making Touristology a science!!!