The other day, some of my fellow Touristologists told me… Jordi, we will have an entrepreneurial session this weekend. We will explain a good idea for a tourism product in front of potential investors, mentors, future employees and the members of the jury that will select the best idea.
This is great, Touristologists! Good luck – I said to them from the bottom of my heart.
But, Jordi we are a little bit worried… What about if somebody copy our idea?
Ideas are easy to copy. – I, calmly replied feeling Touristology’s voice talking through me! BUT…
1) The definition of the segment’s needs. Necessities that will be better satisfied during a trip (international contacts/experiences, a boost of creativity, bonding experiences for professional or family groups…).
2) The aggregation and customization of services in order to fulfill them AND
3) The definition, creation and orchestration of an international chain of value able to work as a single ecosystem…
This is very difficult to copy! For you, it is a natural thing  to do, because this is your
profession! You are Touristologists! The best minds working in the best sector ever!
So, Somebody, wants to copy you… do you really think that they have what it takes?
Go to this session with your heads held high! This tourism product only can be successful if you run it! As sure as Touristology is a science!!!