A long time ago a wise man (one that appears here Mr. Almodovar to be precise!) told me. “Today (it was Friday) I had a strong argument. I will be very disappointed on Monday”
This wise man teaches me a lot of things about intermediaries in the tourism sector, but that day the lesson was about mental control!
The rule is simple and obvious, if you can put off your worries (or any emotions) you kind of control them!
Control is not only for Touristology (Do I have to repeat again how important it is that you control your chain of value? I know that it is not necessary! At least, not for My Touristologists, the real ones!), control is for your entire life.
So, this it the gift that I asked to The Three Wise Men (I recommend you to do the same!!!)…
Allow me to control my emotions, give me the will to put off when to worry, give me the creativity to pretend that “the-thing-that-happened” was a movie and I’m the director, able to change roles, sentences… in order to show me that I am in control. Mental control is the name of the game!
Just remember, Touristologists! Put off your worries, BUT don’t put off your dreams, your duties (learn a new language, how to code, more about YOUR SCIENCE…) that you know you have to do in order to get them!
In life as in entrepreneurship, put off your worries NOT your dreams, Touristologists! Are you ready? So am I!!!! Happy New year 2016!!!
(I know, I know, I’m a little bit late. I’m really focused on OUR thing, remember?)