Asian tourists going to a small village next to Oxford? Because somebody told them that Harry Potter scenes were shot there OR because somebody told them that they will find love when they return?

People going to a tourist destination because they can catch a Pokémon?

Good examples of Mass Tourism or Specialized?
Do you think that this will endure for a long time?
I only hope that when some Touristologists create a dynamic package also appears in the news! Basically, because it will be an example of how Touristology can improve the quality of life, provide international contacts and broader perspectives for the tourist AND take care of the culture and create richness and employment for the tourist destination.
BUT… Jordi.. it is not the case of the small village or Pokémon?
Open your mind Touristologist! Review again the Da Vinci Code story. Review again the story of Chip Conley and JDVhotels, then listen to YOUR Touristology’s voice and…change the way we enjoy, manage and define Tourism. You are Touristologists, the best minds working in the best sector ever! Time to prove it!!!