The first edition of the Master’s degree in Industry 4.0 started in the academic year 2017-18. It is jointly organized by the Computing, Multimedia and Telecommunications Studies (EIMT) of the Catalonia Open University (UOC) and the TecnoCampus Polytechnic College, ESUPT, affiliated center to Pompeu Fabra University.

It is a non-official on-line two-year master’s course developed over the UOC’s online teaching platform. The course contents are organized into four areas of 12 ECTS each (Cyberphysic Systems Development, Cyberphysic Systems Integration, Smart Manufacturing and Business Digital Transformation). They deeply deal, in depth and based on real case study, with the different technologies and business transformation features that are critical in Industry 4.0, with the aim of providing an integrating training.

In this context, SALICRU has cooperated in the development of the specialization in Business Digital Transformation by providing a study case based on their business model and the needs and challenges faced by a company that designs, manufactures and keeps products which guarantee continuous power supply to their customers.

The case prepared by SALICRU is based on strategic goals for both, product and service, and it takes into account the different disciplines applied in the design of their products. It provides a functional scheme as well as the demands of the production system and the characteristics of the market.

The case raised by SALICRU does not exactly shows neither the company’s reality nor the actual SALICRU’s actual infrastructure, but allows it allows to present a real industry-based to students. Thus, students can work on problems of the real industry and discuss and propose solutions on multidimensional problems: strategy, business, digitalization, innovation, computer security, business intelligence and data analytics.

SALICRU’s case is the basis upon which the resolution of practical issues in each of the modules of the specialization: Management of Digital Transformation, Innovation Management, Cybersecurity Management and Data Analytics, is proposed.

The participation of SALICRU in the Master’s degree in Industry 4.0 is an example of the company’s commitment to digital transformation, as Jordi Montero, SALICRU’s R&D manager, comments: The participation of SALICRU in this Master’s degree in Industry 4.0 allows us to achieve a double objective: to collaborate in the training of engineers  specialized in the application of Industry 4.0 and, at the same time, to be able to collect innovative proposals about the business model and the way to work with a product and a market like ours. It is a three-way cooperation in which everyone wins: company, university and students.


According to Dr. Jordi Ayza, responsible teacher of the specialization of Business Digital Transformation: Being able to work on a practical case proposed by a company like SALICRU, which has raised the challenge of Industry 4.0 and is following the path of digital transformation, allows us to show Master’s students a real case, with real problems and with all the complexity of a company with advanced technology, with a globalized production environment and with a plural and international market.

On the other hand, Dr. Pere Tuset, teacher responsible for the Master’s degree in Industry 4.0 by the UOC, highlights the benefits of collaboration between the three entities: At the UOC, leading university in online higher education, we understood that offering this industry-focused master’s degree, which requires working a broad set of disciplines and, at the same time, with a team of professionals with real experience in industry, required working in cooperation with other entities. The organization of this Master’s degree together with the ESUPT and with companies such as SALICRU allows us to offer, as we wanted, the best Master’s degree in Industry 4.0 of the market.


SALICRU researches and develops power electronic devices to guarantee a reliable, clean and continuous power supply, and it is the undisputed leading company in the sector within the Spanish market.