Fast Data = Big Data + Real-Time Web + Human Interaction!

Jordi, Can you give us a seminar about Fast Data?
Of course! – I reply!
First, because I know that nowadays it is very usual that some people use different words to describe the same /old thing.
Second, because as Richard Branson say “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”
I like this kind of attitude! Basically, because it is carved in my mind…
My father every time that we have to deal with a new adventure / difficulty /tough time / you-name-it!, say to me: “Pit, barra i collons” that I, gently, can translate as:
1) Step forward… Yes, I volunteer!
2) Self-confidence…. Yes, I can do it!
3) Perseverance and whatever-it-takes kind of attitude in order to deliver what you promise!
So, here I’m… saying yes to a Fast Data seminar! After the proper research, I confirmed my assumptions… Fast Data is a new name for the holy grail of business intelligence…
We can get a lot of data from different chain of value’s members. This is Big Data in nowadays terms (intelligent systems, when I was writing my doctoral thesis!)
We are getting data NOW and we need to provide customized answers, comments, offers, 3 C’s (Content, commerce and community) in the fastest possible way. You can call it Real-Time web .
But before the organization replies… maybe it is a good idea to use the best software on earth: The human brain!

From my point of view, any seminar related to Fast Data is incomplete if it doesn’t deal with the two breakthroughs in Web-Engineering in this decade that I try to summarize in this slide:

1) Server-Side RESTful web APIs that allows you to get and send the 3 C’s NOT ONLY of your enterprise BUT ALSO of the chain of value (remember the one created FOR and BY your customer!)
2) Client-Side MV* that allows to the customer to work even without internet connection and to provide them a fast service… faster… the fastest!

I find this video enlightening….

Do you think you can apply Fast Data to Touristology?
Fast Data? Fast answer, fast reaction…as fast as the wind! Touristology’s wind!

Jordi Oller

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Jordi Oller i Nogués PhD in Economics. Touristologist (“Turistòleg” in my mother tongue). Lecturer, Consultant and Entrepreneur specialized in business models and technological architecture for services (Tourism, Healthcare and Training sector). Areas of expertise covers: Creation, Communication and Commercialization of Tourism Services; Service Management; Yield / Revenue Management and Social Media Marketing.

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