One of the challenges that I have with teaching English and using technology is to have students practice their speaking skills in an asynchronous environment. We all know that there are some good tools like Skype and other VOIP software where people can practice their speaking skills online, but these programs require “real time” connection. In order to take full advantage of technology, I am always looking for ways to use asynchronous activities for language improvement.

One tool that I have used in some of my classes at Tecnocampus is Nanogong. It’s an application where students can record their voices directly onto the online classroom. In addition, as the teacher I can record my voice so the students can hear me. I have used this tool for presentation skills.

In my Anglès Empresarial class, I required student to record their entire presentations online with Nanogong. I listened to their recordings and provided corrections and feedback by recording my voice directly online too. Therefore, students practice their listening skills too. We practice presentations in class too so that students can practice other components of presentations such as body language, but thanks to Nanogong, students can practice listening and speaking skills in an asynchronous environment.

by Jeff Judge | Ph. D. in Education and Professor – Business English